Analysis and insight for better portfolio construction
Since 2012, our consultants have evaluated more than 15,000 model portfolios submitted by wealth managers and institutional clients. Our experienced team of consultants, analysts, and specialists includes experts in portfolio construction with backgrounds in asset allocation, due diligence, quantitative research, and wealth management. Many are CFA® and CAIA charterholders, and others hold CFP®, CIMA, Financial Risk Manager, and other financial designations.

What differentiates our consulting team is the combination of academic rigor, sophisticated analytics, and real world experience we bring to the challenges of portfolio construction.

~ Marina Gross
Co-Head, Natixis Investment Managers Solutions


The consulting team provides in-depth portfolio analysis using sophisticated analytic tools to identify and measure sources and drivers of risk and return. Our broad range of capabilities can be customized to your specific requirements from portfolio decomposition, scenario analysis and peer group benchmarking to asset class research, risk modeling and glidepath design. We are committed to helping inform, validate and advance our clients’ asset allocation and portfolio management methods.

  • Comprehensive portfolio evaluations identify risk, return and diversification drivers, using proprietary web portal
  • Specialized analytics based on client requirements:
    • Portfolio scenario analysis and stress testing
    • Single factor sensitivity analysis
    • Fixed income scenario analysis
    • Manager search
    • Institutional peer group comparisons
  • Build, evaluate or manage portfolios to align with client needs
  • Portfolio optimizations can be customized for capital market assumptions, objectives or constraints, including ESG 
  • Asset class sleeve construction based on stated objectives and constraints
  • Asset allocation trends derived from proprietary portfolio database
  • Current portfolio positioning and rationale from our Investment Committee
  • Customized research on asset classes and investment strategies
Experienced consultants provide financial professionals with timely insights on market events and their potential impact on asset allocation and portfolio construction.

Our Investment Committee meets weekly to evaluate economic and capital market data and establish recommended portfolio allocations. Committee members have wide-ranging experience in multi-asset allocation, and seek to generate superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the average professionally managed moderate risk profile portfolio.

The Investment Committee’s monthly positioning updates and quarterly strategic asset class outlook are available to our consulting clients.
Our research team monitors asset classes, investment products, and markets – both in real time and from a historical perspective – for areas of opportunity and risk.

Analysis includes multiple levels of screening to capture the nuances particular to various asset classes and investment styles. This objective evaluation is available to financial professionals who work with a consultant.

Dedicated analysts also monitor trends in the US and around the world, which are published periodically. The depth of our database makes it possible to identify and correlate allocation trends with industry changes and capital market performance.


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