Natixis Investment Managers Solutions brings a depth of experience in all aspects of discretionary multi-asset portfolio management:
  • Establishing investment parameters
  • Modelling current and future allocations
  • Managing and implementing the portfolio over the designated time horizon
With expertise in large discretionary asset pools, we offer a breadth of traditional equity, fixed income, ESG-driven, and alternative strategies. Benefits of coordinating the management of multiple investment sleeves include:
  • Streamlining implementation
  • Facilitating better risk management
  • Reducing unnecessary and redundant transactions


We offer a broad range of capabilities related to discretionary multi-asset mandates:

  • Asset allocation studies
  • Asset/liability studies
  • Scenario analysis
  • Manager selection/oversight
  • Macro perspectives and portfolio positioning
  • IPS statement review
  • Glidepath design
  • Capital market assumptions
  • ESG research and analysis
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Portfolio implementation
  • Proactive tax management
  • Transition analysis and management
  • Reporting and monitoring

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